Monday, January 30, 2017

Essential Survival Gear List

When you plan to do outdoor activities, you need to set up survival gear. Especially if you are adventurous who like to stay longer in the wild. Good preparation will really help you there. Below is a list of essential equipment that should not be forgotten.

Fire Starter

For those of you who prefer a primitive way, you can use twigs to start a fire. In the real survival situation you really need these skills. However you should make sure you bring lighters or fire starters. I think you certainly do not want to spend too long making a fire, especially if the temperature is very cold. Then these items must be present in your check list.


Although you can see natural signs to determine the direction, having a compass would be helpful. Because if you have to move at night or in any bad situation, getting lost can be very upsetting. Do not let your vacation turns into a disaster just because you got lost in the wild.

Water Carrier

No one wants to forget this. There are many options depending on how the container you feel comfortable carrying it. There is also a good idea if you have the Survival Straw - this is a magical tool that can purify water when you pump it directly from the river or puddle. Click here for water carrier products.

Tactical LED Flashlight

I'm not going to walk in the woods at night without this tool. By having a good LED flashlight we could scare wild animals by blinded him for a moment. This helps you see in the dark with a very bright white light. I highly recommend you to have tactical flashlight for security benefits.

First-aid kit

Some important things you should provide in this box: medical tape, gauze roll, aspirin, plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes, cough medicine, and others. You can see the list here to ensure that the most important and priority.


Choose a knife that is compact and not too big. Bring at least a penknife because you will need to cut something. Lots of choices out there but I recommend that you have a good quality knife with long-lasting sharpness. Check this out for variety of knife you can buy online.

The above are some of the necessary equipment on the list of priorities. Others such as a tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, water bottles, raincoats, jackets, socks, of course you have to take it as well. For me doing outdoor activities like camping, I would just bring the most important of all. Even for today, I will always carry a camera of course.